More than half of people (52%) are concerned about wearing a face mask because they fear their glasses steaming up, new research shows[1].


Stopping steamy specs

But foggy glasses will be a thing of the past thanks to a new range of anti-fog lens wipes and a spray available at Specsavers in Dudley – which are already proving to be in high demand.


Wonderful wipes

The range, which comes in boxes of 30, 60 or 100, are available now at Specsavers at 13 Castle Street, Dudley. The anti-fog lens spray will also be available later this year. The wipes are formulated to effectively clean dust and grease from lenses and help to repel condensation.


People who have glasses with special lens coatings also have no need to worry as the wipes have been thoroughly tested to ensure that there are no adverse effects, and they can be used with sunglasses and goggles too.


Priced at £5 for a pack of 30, £8 for 60 and £10 for 100, each wipe comes individually wrapped for easy cleaning on the go. And, priced at £3 and in a handy 10ml bottle, the spray is perfect for popping into your bag or keeping in a desk drawer.


A word from the store director

Gurdeep Dosanjh, Specsavers Dudley store director said: ‘Since the beginning of the pandemic we’ve had many customers come to us for advice as wearing a face mask causes their glasses to steam up, hindering their vision.


‘Ever since we got the new anti-fog wipes in store they have been flying off the shelves. Customers are so excited to have finally found a solution to the problem. It’s been a complete game-changer for those who wear glasses.’


Top tips when wearing glasses and facemasks

  1. Stop slipping by wrapping the string of the facemask around the sides of your glasses, rather than your ears – just make sure you’re careful when taking off your glasses as your mask will be attached.
  2. If you can (and it’s comfortable), pull your mask further up your nose and place the glasses on top. This will help seal the mask around your nose, stopping the warm air from your breath escaping and steaming up your lenses.
  3. Try using a piece of surgical tape to hold your mask in place on the bridge of your nose and give your specs addition grip.


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[1] Specsavers customer panel - 1404 people surveyed over 29-30th September 2020