Specsavers staff in Dover received some amazing feedback from a customer.

Broken frames

‘I was on holiday in Dover last week and on the first day I was involved in an accident on the stairs of the Dover Castle when a backpack was swung round hitting me in the face, dislodging my glasses.

'Having sorted myself out I became aware that my vision was not as it should have been and as I removed my glasses to inspect them the lens fell out and the frame holding it in was detached from the top of the glasses frame. My first thought was that the impact of the backpack had snapped the frame. 

'Later, on closer inspection, my wife spotted what she thought was a screw in the loose part of the frame so we headed to the Dover of Specsavers.

'I explained to the staff what had happened and showed them the misshapen and twisted wreck that had been my pair of glasses and asked if there was anything that could be done.

Spectacular skill and service

'Having inspected the damage, a sales assistant told me he could try to carry out a repair but the frame was badly damaged on one side and the attempt might break the frame altogether. As the frame was already unusable and due to be replaced later this year I told him to go ahead and give it a try as there was nothing to lose.

'I returned to the store twenty minutes later and the glasses had been repaired and were in a better condition than they had been for some time!

'I feel that for the level of service and skill given, the staff should be particularly praised – especially the person who carried out the repair!'

Anonymous, Dover

At Specsavers we always strive to provide the highest level of customer service and care so its great to receive such positive feedback from our customers. If you've had an experience you'd like to share please visit our online feedback page.

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