Specsavers in Dorking has taken another step towards to securing and maintaining its status as the most innovative and technically advanced optician on its high street.

The team has invested in revolutionary diagnostic equipment called optical coherence tomography (OCT). 

This technology gives customers a ‘hospital standard’ service because it gives the optician a more detailed picture of a customer’s eye and their eye health. In some cases across the UK, this equipment has picked up very serious conditions and has helped to save many people’s sight.

Simply the best

Yehia Al-Omari, store director, is delighted to share its latest news with the community. He said: 'Everyone from all generations will benefit from this new, extremely advanced eye scanning technology. It uses light instead of sound waves to create a very detailed picture of the back of the eye.

'A 3D scan will look at the different layers that make up the optic nerve and retina, giving us greater detail than we had before. From here, we can pinpoint any areas of concern to monitor or in more serious conditions, refer the customer to an eye department at their nearest hospital further investigative tests.'

Why this enhanced service is so important

Yehia explains: 'This equipment is all about better diagnosis. We may pick up early indicators of a preventable sight loss condition that will enable us to manage the condition and help preserve a customer’s sight.

‘Our financial investment to acquire OCT is significant but we believe people in and around the Dorking area deserve the very best.'

Specsavers in Dorking is currently the only opticians in the area to offer this service.

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