Specsavers in Dorking wants to remind all residents that it offers Free Retinal Imaging as part of every sight test carried out.

Why this is important

June marks many health awareness weeks. One was Diabetes Week earlier in the month and Macular Awareness Week is another in the last week of the month.

Many of us know a sight test will pick up issues with our vision and are familiar with the terms of 'long sightedness' and 'short sightedness.'  What we may not all know however is that an eye test and the innovations used have progressed massively over the years and your optometrist can tell a lot more about your health through its technology.

Retinal Imaging

As it sounds, retinal imaging looks more thoroughly at the retina and the back of the eye.  Blood vessel health can tell an optometrist lots, such as indicators of eye diabetes.  If an individual has diabetes, they can be at risk of losing their vision so a sight test is paramount.

Make June the month you make eye health a priority - if you haven't had an eye test in a few years, put it to the top of your to do list!

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