For most, the start of a new year means hitting the treadmill in search of a healthier lifestyle.

However, Kam Singh, store director at Specsavers in Dartford, is reminding customers to add eye examinations to the list of resolutions.

Importance of eye health

Kam said: ‘Whether you wear glasses or not, adults should have an eye test every two years, unless your optometrist recommends you have one more frequently. From the age of 60 it is recommended you have a test annually.

‘Eye exams are an important part of your overall health routine. Some people wait until they experience symptoms to see an optometrist but shouldn't because many eye problems are silent - meaning they have no symptoms.

‘In addition to changes in vision, eye exams can also detect a variety of diseases including glaucoma, diabetes, high blood pressure and, in rare cases, even life-threatening conditions like brain tumours.

‘If you are overdue an eye test, call or visit the store and a member of our team will be able to assist in booking an appointment.’

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