Did you know that regular blinking is not just a reflex, it is actually crucial for keeping your eyes healthy and hydrated.

That is according to the eye care experts at Specsavers Dalston Cross, in Kingsland Shopping Centre.

Refreshing your eyes

When you blink, it refreshes your eyes. This can stop them drying out, and is particularly important if you are staring at a computer or smartphone screen for a long time.

Studies suggest that, while we blink up to 22 times a minute in normal circumstances, this can drop to as low as five times a minute when we are concentrating on a screen or even driving.

Regular eye tests

Jayesh Maru, store director in Dalston Cross, said: ‘Making sure you blink regularly, even if you have to train yourself to do so, is really important to keeping your eyes hydrated.

‘But the single biggest thing you can do to make sure that your eyes stay in tip top condition is have a regular eye test. So if it has been a while since you had your vision checked, why not book an appointment and come and see us in store.’

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