An optician from Dagenham has just returned from a trip to help save the sight of people in India.

Two-day intensive training

Gurjit Sehmi, director and optometrist at Specsavers Dagenham, located at 249 Heathway, spent two days providing training for opticians and helping with the provision of treatment for patients at a charity run eye hospital in New Delhi, India.

Free eye treatment

Gurjit, along with his wife Amrit Sehmi, a qualified orthoptist, worked with staff at the hospital to administer free treatment to local residents who could not afford it. Following their work at the hospital, the couple also visited vision centres set up by the charity in rural areas of India.

Sharing knowledge and best practice

In addition, the husband and wife team delivered two half day lectures to local optometrists, sharing their extensive knowledge and providing help and advice on developing eyecare in India.  

Humbling and a great honour

Gurjit Sehmi, director at Specsavers Dagenham, says: ‘It was extremely humbling to see all the hard work that the charity is doing, both in New Delhi and in the rural areas of India. Access to eyecare is something that we take for granted in the UK yet many people across the world cannot afford it. I was honoured to have the opportunity to provide treatment and support for those less fortunate and I hope to be able to do it again in the future.

Proud moment

‘Delivering the two guest lectures was also a proud moment for both me and my wife. To have the opportunity to speak in front of fellow professionals and aid the development of eyecare in the country was truly amazing.’

Best eye hospital in North India

Established in 1914, Dr Shroff’s Charity Eye Hospital is considered one of the best eye hospitals in North India and provides eyecare to people across all economic sections of society.

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