A 59 year old Grandmother of eight from Essex has said a special thank you to Specsavers Dagenham after they played a key role in spotting a growth on her pituitary gland.

Overdue with her check-up
Sue had put off her check-ups and was attributing her headaches and blurred vision to her busy job and lifestyle.  When she finally got round to getting her eyes checked, Gurjit Singh Sehmi noticed an anomaly. Thorough tests were carried out and the decision was made to refer her to the local hospital for further testing as she could not see out of her left eye at all once she closed her right eye, but had not noticed this problem at all prior to the test.

Refered for an MRI scan
Sue went to her local hospital, Queens Hospital in Romford.  Following appointments with the Ophthalmology Department and an MRI scan, a growth on her pituitary gland was picked up. It was cutting off the blood supply to her eyes and this was the cause of the blurry vision, the headaches and the loss of sight.

From here, Sue was referred on to a neurological surgeon who performed a procedure to remove the tumour.  A small part was left behind that is now monitored closely with regular check-ups.

Why it is important to attend your check ups
Sue says: “I work in the medical profession yet I was as guilty as everyone else for blaming my bad health on a busy lifestyle. My eye test saved my vision and I am urging people out there to remember that simple appointments like an eye test, which take only half an hour or so, can be vital. If I had not made that appointment with my Specsavers Dagenham branch, I may not have had such a positive outcome”.

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