The team at the Cumbernauld store has helped to support local families who were struggling in lockdown by donating a variety of hygiene products such as shampoo, deodorants and conditioners to a local community support group.


The products were collected by the team at the Teviot Walk store, as part of their continued support towards helping out vulnerable families during the current climate.


Resilience during a challenging time

The products were donated to the Cumbernauld resilience group, a community effort set up to provide assistance and company to residents across the town during the challenging times faced in the pandemic.


Antonia McNeill, store director at Specsavers Cumbernauld, said: ‘In a time where some families were struggling to pay for necessities such as food and rent, essential hygiene products can sometimes not be an option for the most vulnerable.’

An important role in the community

‘The result of this is a spiral of young children with poor hygiene leading the issues such as social issues and low self-esteem, which during challenging times would impact them significantly more.


‘I’m hugely grateful for the team who help to collect all of these items and we hope to continue to play an important role in helping out our local community.’


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