A woman from Cribbs Causeway is urging youngsters to get their eyes tested this National Eye Health Week (19-25 September), after she suffered a detached retina last year.

Sight saving eye test

Paige Ridgeway (18) had a routine sight test at Specsavers Cribbs Causeway last August, when optometrist Suhail Patel picked up on signs of the condition. Paige was immediately referred to hospital where she underwent a three-hour surgery for a detached retina.

One year on, Paige is encouraging other young people to visit their local opticians to make sure their eyes are healthy.

‘What happened to me is really unusual for somebody my age, but it goes to show the seemingly impossible does happen. Even if your eyes appear healthy, it’s still worth getting them checked regularly as an optometrist could pick up on something you weren’t even aware of,’ said Paige. 

‘Since I had my operation to correct the detached retina, I’ve noticed an improvement in my vision, however it’s not fully restored due to the remaining fluid in my eye. If it wasn’t for the sight test though, I could have lost my sight permanently – I can’t stress enough how important it is to get your eyes tested every year or two, especially if you’ve not done so before.’

Crucial health check

Suhail, optometrist at the store, commented: ‘Your eyes can offer a valuable insight into your health and so an eye examination is a crucial part of a full health check. We use a digital retinal camera as part of our sight tests to take a detailed picture of the back of the eye, enabling our optometrists to spot signs of several health and sight issues, so you can be confident your eyes are getting the attention they deserve.

‘We’re really pleased that Paige has recovered well and is now helping others to understand how important regular sight tests can be.’

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