To mark Love Your Lenses Week (24 – 30 March) Specsavers in Cribbs Causeway encouraged locals to consider contact lenses if they hadn’t before.

Going specs-free is made easy at Specsavers with expert advice, world-class technology and the very best service.

Customer’s story

Francis Redman, aged 79, from Bristol, visited Specsavers in Cribbs Causeway and shared his contact lens story.

‘In the summer I play bowls outside, and contact lenses have made bowls so much easier in differing weather conditions,’ said Francis. ‘It’s easy to wear sunglasses now and I no longer have to wipe the rain from my glasses. During winter I play inside, and contact lenses help with this too as my glasses used to always slip down when bending to bowl.

‘Now, I don’t need to worry about any of that. With contact lenses I have much more freedom and benefits and I’m not restricted at all.’

Francis uses multi-focal contact lenses that he changes daily. From monthly lenses to varifocals, there are now ranges of lenses to suit different occasions, prescriptions, preferences and budgets.

Switch to contacts

Store director, Gaurav Patel, said: ‘Our team is always on hand to answer questions from people thinking about trying contact lenses. Some people are a little apprehensive about switching to contacts, but we’re here to show they can be a great alternative to traditional frames.’

Francis said: ‘I actually found the switch to contact lenses fine, they were very easy to get used to. I simply put them in every morning and dispose of them at night, and they make day-to-day life so much easier.’

Specsavers in Cribbs Causeway offers contact lens-specific eye checks to make sure that your eyes are suitable for contact lenses and also a free contact lens trial, so you can try before you buy.

Anyone who signs up to the direct debit package will also receive a free eye test which includes digital retinal photography, free aftercare, advice and tuition to help you wear your lenses successfully and with confidence and a free pair of glasses from Specsavers’ £45 range.

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