Visitors to Cribbs Causeway Specsavers can now take advantage of a dedicated hearing service which is being launched with an awareness day on Tuesday 9 June.

The store, at Unit 30 in The Mall, now offers free comprehensive hearing checks and is celebrating the launch with a special event. Staff will be handing out goody bags filled with information as well as gifts while offering help and advice along the way.

Members of the team will also be equipped with small, hand-held hearing screeners to perform a short hearing check. If a defect is shown, a full free hearing test is advised, which typically takes around an hour.

Gemma Wakefield, hearcare director and audiologist said: ‘We’re very keen to increase awareness amongst local people and communicate the importance of getting regular hearing checks. One in seven people in the UK suffer from some sort of hearing problem, with hearing quality deteriorating with age.

‘Most people know that it’s important to get your eyes examined regularly as part of a full health check, but fewer people realise the importance of having hearing checks. Unlike sight loss, hearing loss is a gradual process that may not be noticed until significant loss of aural awareness has occurred.’

Hearing clinics will take place on Wednesdays and Fridays between 9.30am and 5pm.

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