A Crewe customer has highlighted how a routine eye test at a local opticians helped to save his sight, two days after he noticed his vision deteriorating while taking a holiday for his birthday.

Anthony Jenkins from Wistaston was travelling back from a three day family trip in Southport after celebrating turning 83, when he began to experience blurry, clouded vision.

The day after he returned home, he paid a visit to Specsavers in Crewe for an eye test, which is where store director and optometrist Gurj Bhamra suspected Anthony had a retinal detachment in his left eye.

‘No pain or discomfort’

Anthony said: ‘I wasn’t experiencing any sort of pain or discomfort, but my wife insisted that I went in for a check-up to make sure that there was nothing seriously wrong causing it.

Following the discovery, Gurj referred Anthony to Leighton Hospital, where the detachment was confirmed by the staff there.  He was then taken to St Paul’s Eye Unit at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital where he received treatment to repair the damage behind his eye.

Anthony added: ‘The surgeon was very adamant that if I’d have left it any later than I did, there was a huge chance that I’d have completely lost my sight in that eye.

Best late birthday present’

‘I’ve nothing but praise for Gurj and the team at Specsavers as they’ve given me the best late birthday present imaginable.’

Store director Gurj Bhamra says: ‘Detecting a serious problem behind a customer’s eyes is always a frightening prospect. However, it’s heart-warming to hear that we were able to help Anthony’s sight and he has since been in store several times to thank me personally.

‘However, this case highlights just how important it is to have a regular eye test. If we hadn’t been able to help that day, things could have been a lot worse. We recommend everyone has an eye test at least every two years, or whenever they notice a change to their vision or eye health.’