A Crewe customer has told how a routine sight test at a local opticians helped save her vision after she was experiencing pain behind her left eye.

Kim, who is a nurse, visited the Crewe store following a recommendation from her doctor after she was experiencing an uncomfortable sensitivity to light, as well as a painful ache that was becoming more and more regular.

Upon arriving at the store, she was given a careful and thorough examination from optometrist Helen Threadgood, who noticed an abnormal tear behind Kim’s left eye - a potentially sight-threatening chronic retinal detachment.

'Pop in for a quick eye test'

Kim said: ‘I didn’t really know how to react when my husband and I were told about the tear. I work long hours, so I’d simply presumed that the discomfort was because I was tired. I hadn’t experienced any of the associated symptoms or trauma to my eye, so I brushed it off as just my vision playing up a bit.

‘I was expecting to just pop in for a quick eye test but it lasted almost an hour. Helen took her time to explain everything in a careful and considerate manner.’

Following the discovery, Helen referred Kim to Leighton Hospital, the hospital in which she works, where a retinal detachment was confirmed. Days later, she was sent to Manchester Royal Eye Hospital for laser eye therapy to save her eyesight.

'I can't praise her enough'

Appreciative of what they did for her, Kim has since returned to the store to thank Helen with a large bouquet of flowers and chocolates. ‘I just keep thinking that if Helen hadn’t taken her time to carefully assess the problem as thoroughly as she did, I could have potentially lost my sight. She truly is a credit to Specsavers and I can’t praise her enough for all she has done.’

Kim is also thankful for the team at Specsavers Nantwich who quickly created some prescription sunglasses for her when she visited the store following her laser therapy, designed to help ease the sensitivity her vision has to bright lights.

‘All the care I’ve received comes from a great team of professionals working together, from Specsavers, the consultant at Leighton Hospital and the doctor at Manchester Royal Eye Hospital. My husband, family and friends have also been hugely supportive as I’ve gone through this worrying part of my life.’

A word from the store director

Store director at Specsavers Crewe, Michael Elleray was thrilled to hear about Kim’s story: ‘Hearing stories of how our team has helped to save the sight of a person, such as Kim, is always heart-warming.

‘However, this case highlights just how important it is to have a regular eye test. If we hadn’t been able to help that day, things could have been a lot worse. We recommend everyone has an eye test at least every two years, or whenever they notice a change to their vision or eye health.’

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