Lurgan lady Denise Wilson thought she was suffering a severe dose of heartburn. Having woken up the next day to acute double vision she made an emergency visit to her optician, Eamonn Murray at Specsavers in Rushmere Shopping Centre.

Immediate eye casualty referral

Following a thorough examination Eamonn detected a problem and referred Denise immediately to Craigavon Area Hospital. A series of scans and tests revealed 61 year old Denise had suffered a mild stroke as well as a number of previous mini-strokes. Denise spent two days in hospital and is now monitored on a regular basis.

Turning point

‘I’m very thankful to my optician Eamonn at Specsavers for referring me directly to hospital. It really was a turning point and I believe helped prevent me suffering a further much more intense stroke.

‘I’ve been prescribed medication and have also implemented changes to my lifestyle and diet. Although I do have other health issues I’m doing well at the moment and determined to look after myself.’

Regular eye tests

Craigavon optometrist and store director Eamonn Murray said, ‘I’m pleased that Denise is now being closely monitored at regular clinic visits. A simple eye test can detect signs of glaucoma, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and even life-threatening tumours. We advise people to have their eyes tested every two years.’

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