Cosham residents are being urged to try contact lenses by Specsavers.

Dispelling the myths

The store, located on 46a High Street, are keen to dispel certain myths which often put people off wearing them.

Specsavers Cosham store director, Julia Moulton said: ‘We at Specsavers Cosham want to reassure people that contact lenses are a great alternative option to specs.

‘Common myths about them include the following...

‘Some people believe that they’re uncomfortable, but Specsavers use high-tech materials to make sure they’ll make a perfect fit. Others believe they’re a hassle to use, whereas daily disposable lenses eliminate the need for cleaning, as you can dispose of them every day.

‘Another common misconception is that a person’s prescription is too complex for contact lenses. However, we offer them to almost any prescription so that almost anyone can have access to them.’

To try contact lenses, visit Specsavers Cosham at 46a High Street.

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