Laura Mangan, audiology director at Specsavers Congleton has become fully qualified to provide wax removal by Aural Micro Suction, after completing her examinations.

Aural Microsuction is accepted in audiology as the safest and most comfortable procedure for wax removal and can help to alleviate symptoms associated with earwax build-up, such as tinnitus or prolonged earache.

A safe and quality service

Laura’s new qualification has enhanced the store’s audiology services, allowing everyone in the Congleton area to access the very latest in professional audiology.

Thrilled to have completed her qualification, Laura said: ‘I’m very pleased to be able to provide our customers in Congleton with such a safe and quality hearing service. I’d really like to thank everyone at Specsavers Congleton for their support during my examinations.’

Earwax is produced naturally inside the ears, but it can build up and cause blockages if not cleared regularly, which could lead to serious complications with the ear.

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