Pupils from Kylemore Nursery School and DH Christie Memorial will be much more visible on the walk home from school thanks to a competition run by Specsavers in Coleraine and the Coleraine Times. Both schools won sets of high visibility vests following a recent in-paper competition with the aim of highlighting the importance of being seen on the roads to young children.

Important to be visible

Specsavers store director, Judith Ball, says, ‘It is very sad to relate that last year there were over 2,000 children (aged 0-15) killed or seriously injured on UK roads. Walking to and from school in the dark winter mornings and evenings can be very dangerous for our young children. It is really important that all pedestrians take precautions and wear high visibility clothing to help them be seen on our roads. It’s also really important for drivers to make sure their vision is up to scratch before getting behind the wheel.’

Safety is paramount

DH Christie Memorial Primary School Principal, Peter Henry, says, ‘We are delighted to win 100 high vis vests which will be very useful to help encourage our pupils to participate in our ‘walking bus scheme’ and our SUSTRANS project with Emma (and Marmaduke her folding bicycle!). We have been trying to encourage our pupils (and their parents) to come to school in a healthier way, walking, cycling or even scooting, but safety is always paramount and being easily visible is essential. We also have our ECO committee working towards the Eco Schools Green Flag Award and this will help to provide another element of the project. The support of Local Businesses has become increasingly important to Primary Schools and we thank Specsavers for their “vision” and community spirit!’

Thank you Specsavers

Receiving 50 high vis vests, Kylemore Nursery School Principal, Marian McCouaig, says, ‘Our children and their parents pay frequent visits to the Woodland School at Roe Valley Country Park, and the vests will be worn by each child at every visit. Our Green Flag award initiative has been a great incentive to get pupils and parents walking and we are thrilled to win these vests which will certainly help further our aims. Thank you Specsavers!’

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