World Glaucoma Week recently shone a light on glaucoma and emphasised the importance of regular eye tests as early detection is vital to prevent sight loss.

The Specsavers team in Coleraine is fully behind all activity that will raise awareness of this ‘silent thief of sight’ and have themselves gone the extra mile with three of its optometrists, Judith Ball, Hugh Matson and Patricia McMullan, completing the Professional Certificate in Glaucoma through Ulster University and the College of Optometrists.

Lack of symptoms

With its gradual onset and lack of symptoms in its early stages, people often don’t realise they have glaucoma. Early diagnosis is important because any damage to the eyes cannot be reversed.

Often, significant damage can occur before the sufferer is even aware of it. However, glaucoma is easily detectable during a routine eye check-up and it can be effectively treated with eye drops.

Early detection

Optometrist Judith Ball says: ‘Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of irreversible sight loss. It gradually destroys eyesight through raised pressure within the eyeball. In addition to our detailed eyesight testing which is essential for early detection we have also developed training for all of our team to effectively administer eye drops which are crucial for managing the condition.’

Free eye tests

Eye tests at Specsavers include a glaucoma test and are free for over 40’s who have a close blood relative with glaucoma. Over 60’s also receive free eye tests.

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