Dementia could affect any family at any time – and it affects everyone in different ways.

Blue badges of honour

It is a subject becoming more and more urgent and now the Colchester store have put its staff through specialist training, Dementia Friends. The training created by the Alzheimers Society means they have a greater understanding of the different aspects of the condition and are able to help provide customer service at a much higher level.

The seven staff who have completed the online training can be identified by the badge on their uniforms, indicating their increased level of dementia awareness to customers.

A word from the director

Nick Hagan, store director says: ‘Being more aware of dementia is an incredibly positive development for our team and our offering to customers. I always thought dementia was to do with someone’s memory – but it’s much more than that.

‘By uncovering the truth about dementia it really opened my eyes to how in store, when performing our daily duties, we can all take a little time to support and care.’

The training

Covering all aspects of dementia the comprehensive training discusses how it affects people in different ways and in this instance, making it relevant for opticians, it looks at how the senses can be affected, specifically sight and hearing.

Those with dementia commonly experience problems with their sight and visual perception, causing them to misinterpret the world around them.

To find out how you can get involved with the Alzheimers Society initiative click here.  

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