Store manager of the Colchester store, Kelly Heard explains how the team set up their very own yoga sessions after hours to give the hard working team some well-earned TLC after a long week. 

Great response

Yoga classes have been brought in store with a professional yoga teacher in tow and Kelly says uptake and the response from colleagues has been hugely positive with the course now on its second round.

‘A few of the team had begun saying they were having discomfort in their necks, which is something that can happen as you are spending a lot of the day looking down in this line of work.

‘The directors took this information on board and listened to what was being said and decided to look into getting some yoga session set up.’ 

Doctors’ orders

Doctors had advised one of the staff this would be a good way of helping with any strain put on the neck and shoulders by the nature of the work being carried out by the opticians.

'The first session was available for up to eight of us to attend and we have a qualified instructor. We do it on a Friday night which is a great chance to wind down at the end of the week,’ says Kelly.

The yoga sessions, have been such a success they have set up a second course and the classes look like they’re here to stay! 

Morale boost

Kelly admits: ‘We didn't have to, but getting the chance to try it at work, and for us to just be able to stay in the office to do it after work without going anywhere, gave us a real opportunity.’ 

And she says the fact the bosses have been pro-active with suggestions and concerns from staff are a major morale-boost.

‘Of course it makes a huge difference to know they are listening and they are doing all they can to make sure we are feeling good about what we do.’

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