A local woman has praised Colchester Specsavers for helping to save her sight. Pamela Laskowski, 59, noticed floaters in her left eye and immediately sensed something was wrong. She called Specsavers and was asked to come in for an eye appointment.

Mosharaf Shaffiq, Optometrist at Specsavers in Colchester, who conducted the eye examination, said: ‘Mrs Laskowski called the store to describe what she was experiencing and I was concerned about the symptoms she was describing. After inspecting her vision I immediately referred her to Essex County Hospital.’

Retinal detachment

Mrs Laskowski underwent further tests at the hospital and was seen by a consultant before being diagnosed with a partial retinal detachment in her left eye. A detached retina happens when the thin lining at the back of the eye begins to pull away from the blood vessels and, left untreated, can cause blindness. Early the next morning she travelled to Moorfields Eye Hospital in London where she was operated on.

Mrs Laskowski said: ‘I was in complete shock. I knew there was something wrong but I did not expect to be told there was a risk of permanent blindness.

The surgeons repaired the retinal tear with a laser and then inserted a gas bubble to hold the retina in place before stitching it back together again. For the next few days I had to keep very still to make sure the gas bubble didn’t move.’


Mrs Laskowski has since returned to the Specsavers store to offer her gratitude and is keen to use her story to raise awareness about the importance of regular sight tests.

She said: I’m now fully recovered but this experience has made me realise how much I took my sight for granted. If it wasn’t for the prompt discovery by Mosharaf and the team at Specsavers and the treatment by the surgeons at Moorfields I would have lost the vision in my left eye.’

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