To celebrate the sun finally coming out for summer, the team invited customers to get into the spirit in spades by transforming the store into a holiday themed getaway for the day.

Decorated in assorted beach-themed items, the store brought the seaside inside with beach balls and balloons around the shop.

The day was organised to raise awareness on efficient UV-protective sunglasses, with even a 50% discount on non-prescription sunglasses across the weekend.

Eye Eye, Captain

As well as decoration there was entertainment, with seaside flavoured games being played such as ‘crab drive’ and ‘pass the hook’.

Those working at the shop, brightly dressed and full of cheer, also invited customers to take part in ‘pirate’s treasure’ games across the day.

An in-store tropical paradise

Some staff members were in fact the most generous of swashbucklers, handing out contact lens goody bags to every sight test customer.

Store Director Dr Laika Essa said: ‘I think the Contact Lens Awareness day was great a great success; everyone had fun at the in-store tropical paradise, customers and staff included!’

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