Kind-hearted opticians at Specsavers in Clapham donned their running shoes to take part in a half marathon in support of their director, who has been diagnosed with bladder cancer.

In it together

Seven members of staff from the store took part in Tonbridge half marathon in aid of Fight Bladder Cancer - a charity run by bladder cancer survivors and their families. The team ran the 13.1 miles to support their store director, Neil Bryant, who is currently battling the disease and raised £2,180.80 for the charity.

Things could have been very different

41-year-old Neil, who lives in Willmington, Kent with his wife and 15-year-old daughter, said: ‘Last November, I was looking forward to a weekend away in Dubai with my wife, Millie. A few days before we were due to leave, I noticed that my urine was darker than usual, but I assumed I was dehydrated. A couple of days later, there was no change and I also noticed that there was also some blood.

‘I visited my GP who told me that I was too young for it to be anything sinister, but they advised that I see an urologist as a precaution. Following the appointment and several blood tests and scans, I was admitted to hospital to have surgery to remove a large, aggressive tumour from my bladder. It had just started to spread into the muscle, so had I have waited, things would be very different.

‘I was overwhelmed by the amount of support the team gave me – it really made the run all the more fun and I am so grateful to them for helping me raise such a fantastic total for a worthwhile cause.’

Neil, who has worked at the Clapham store for 11 years, smashed his £2,000 target for the charity, which is the only charity dedicated solely to bladder cancer in the UK despite it being the fourth most common cancer among men in the country.

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