Specsavers in Clacton-on-Sea has increased the eye health services it provides on behalf of the NHS to help manage a number of eye conditions, meaning more people will not have to wait for GP or hospital appointments for this type of care. 

Delivered on behalf of the NHS
The store can test and help customers with minor eye conditions. Anyone experiencing pain, discomfort, redness, sudden changes or flashes of light in their vision, among other symptoms, can access these services. 
Delivered on behalf of the NHS there is no cost to the customer for these services and appointments can be booked at short notice. 

Store director Yashesh Shah says: ‘Specsavers has long been a champion not only of the importance of regular eye tests but of general eye health. We already detect and manage more eye conditions than any other UK opticians. In our store we introduced free digital retinal photography as part of our regular eye examination several years ago, allowing us to detect and monitor many conditions, including glaucoma, diabetes and high blood pressure.

‘We were proud to take our clinical expertise a stage further and enhance the level of care we can offer people in Essex with the added benefit of helping to reduce the pressure on our local GP surgeries and other NHS services. We have recently more than doubled our capacity for these appointments by introducing an additional clinic.’

Same day detection
Eye health clinics are now available in selected Specsavers stores nationwide. Clacton-on-Sea Specsavers can detect and manage minor eye conditions, including red eye, dry eye, watering eye, blepharitis and floaters in the vision and many others on the same day. Help with more complex conditions will be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

The store accepts customers from the Tendring council area either on a referral and walk-in basis. It is not an exclusive provider of the service and aims to provide appointments within five days.

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