Keen to stress the importance of regular eye tests is optometrist, Alex McGowan (MCOptom).

Here to help

29 year-old Alex has been with Specsavers for 10 years, where he originally started out his career as an assistant manager.  Alex was so fascinated by vision and how an eye test can reveal a whole host of health conditions that he decided to go on and train as an optometrist.

In his words...

'The great thing about Specsavers is the career progression opportunities you have.  I did my qualifications and came back to the Specsavers family as a pre-reg at the store in Weymouth and now, I am back at Christchurch where it all started!  I have been a fully qualified optom for two years and love every day of my job.'

Alex urges people to have their 2 year eye examinations

'When I tell people about my job outside of the day-to-day, they are always amazed to learn what our eyes can tell us,' says Alex. 

'From early indicators of diabetes through to life threatening, rare conditions of a brain tumour, our eyes are the door to our overall wellbeing which is why an eye test is so important. 

'Corrective eye-wear needs will be suggested but it has been known for us to refer customers on to their GP for further investigations if a digital photograph of the back of the eye picks up any concerns.'

If you haven't had an eye test for a few years, pop in to see the friendly team at Christchurch.

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