The Chester team recently invited young artists from across the city into store to take part in a colourful and creative My Little Pony themed art competition.

Chester’s most creative youngsters design a princess pony of their own for the chance to win a selection of My Little Pony goodies.

Friendship is magic

The staff also spent time handing out a selection of rainbow-coloured balloons to customers, as well as stickers featuring characters from the show such as Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie.

The best pony pics chosen are to be displayed in store for the proud parents and friends of Chester’s creative kids to see.

A real chance to shine

Julie Griffiths, store director at Specsavers in Chester, said: ‘We know we have a lot of young, creative talent in Chester and we wanted to give young artists and pony fans a real chance to shine.'

‘We also want this competition to encourage parents to have their children’s eyes tested. Having good eyesight is one of the most important tools in a child’s learning - around 80% of everything a child learns is through their vision - so even a minor problem with a child’s sight can mean they suffer huge setbacks in their development at school.’

The competition was to tie with the launch of an exclusive Specsavers collection of frames based on Ponyville’s prettiest ponies, aimed at children between three and six years old.

All of the My Little Pony frames come with single-vision lenses including a UV filter. Children can choose an additional free pair of frames in the Specsavers’ kids get two free pairs offer.

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