When faced with helping a mum find some specs for her two-and-a-half-year-old with a strong prescription, Sophie Green from Specsavers Cheltenham turned to a Disney favourite.

Keen to find her daughter some glasses that suited her, fitted her face and also looked the part, Sophie made sure she spent time with mum and daughter to pick the right pair of frames. 

Spotting a super pair of specs
‘They’d brought the prescription from the hospital,’ said Sophie who is a pre-reg optician at the store. ‘The little girl was understandably very shy, so I had to be patient but as she had an accommodative esotropia (more commonly known as a squint) she would need to wear the glasses pretty much all the time, so it was important we picked a pair she liked. 

‘We have a great range of kids frames but I was struggling to get a response from her. That was until I showed her some Frozen frames, which feature Elsa – that was a game-changer! The round frame shape fitted her perfectly and she enjoyed wearing them. Her mum was pleased too, and it was so heart-warming to make a small change to that family's life and ensure that at such a young age, the little girl's vision would be greatly improved.’

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