Local MP Martin Horwood visited the Cheltenham hearing centre and passed his hearing test with flying colours.
Hearing booth 
The Liberal Democrat MP for Cheltenham, popped into Specsavers at 206 High Street for the test which was carried out by hearing aid audiologist Gemma Wakefield. After taking a case history, Gemma examined Mr Horwood’s ear with an otoscope before seating Mr Horwood in a hearing booth where he listened to a selection of sounds with varying frequencies and had to press a button whenever he heard a sound. 
This was carried out wearing headphones to test the whole ear mechanism and then afterwards with bone conduction to test the inner ear by itself. This indicates if there is anything blocking the sound, and using both results can indicate if there is any age related hearing loss.  
Importance of hearing checks 
‘It’s essential that people give the same consideration to getting their hearing checked as they would to having a sight test,’ says Gemma. ‘A hearing test at Specsavers is free, takes around half an hour and we offer a full range of digital hearing aids. Unfortunately, there is still some stigma attached to hearing loss but with technology rapidly advancing, hearing aids are now very discreet. For people over the age of 55 we recommend having a yearly hearing check or if you notice any deterioration.’