Jeannette Lloyd is singing the praise Chelmsley Wood Specsavers after a member of staff diagnosed a potentially sight threatening condition. 

Early detection

Jeannette visited the store last month after experiencing floaters and shadowed vision in her right eye. 

She was examined by store director and optometrist, Sukhi Drake, whom she has been seeing for the past two years. As soon as Sukhi saw Jeannette’s eye, she suspected that her retina had become detached and referred her immediately to the Birmingham City Hospital. 

Jeannette travelled to the hospital where she underwent a number of eye examinations and tests before the specialists confirmed that she would need an operation to re-attach the retina. Post-operation Jeannette was discharged and sent home to rest and has since been undergoing fortnightly check-ups to ensure her eyesight recovers fully. 

Thank you

Now well on the road to recovery, Jeanette couldn’t be more impressed with the team at Specsavers. ‘I am so thankful to Sukhi and Specsavers Chelmsley Wood,’ she said. ‘Without their help and expertise I could have easily lost my sight. As soon as I noticed the symptoms I booked an eye examination with Sukhi and she quickly spotted all wasn’t right and immediately referred me to the hospital. 

‘If it wasn’t for her professionalism and quick thinking, I might not have been as lucky. It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, need glasses or not, everyone should be getting their eyes tested regularly!’

‘As soon as I examined Jeannette I could clearly see that her retina had become detached,’ commented Sukhi.  ‘We are so glad that Jeannette has recovered as well as she has. She has been coming to see us for the past two years and it’s a pleasure every time we test her.

‘If it had been left much longer there is a high chance that Jeannette would have risked losing vision in her right eye. We urge our customers to have an eye test every two years, but if there are any changes in your sight please make an appointment to see your opticians immediately. It can be the small difference between saving your sight or losing it.’ 

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