At Chelmsford Specsavers customer service is always key. However, recently the store has proved themselves to go ‘above and beyond’ to make sure young spectacle wearers are comfortable at a time that can sometimes be stressful.

A recent customer left this great feedback

Mrs Arnold comments: 

“I visited your Chelmsford store recently for a yearly sight test for my daughter Katie. The service, from us walking in the store, to the eye test was excellent as always. However there is one particular member of staff I think went above and beyond. I think her name is Tracy and she helped my daughter choose a new pair of glasses. She was patient and seemed to have a real understanding of teenagers and what they are like. My daughter automatically warmed to her. When my daughter couldn't find a frame she liked as much as her current one, Tracy went off to look up if the frame was still available even though it wasn't in the store. It was, so she was able to keep the same style and was very happy! She was so friendly and lovely while Katie tried on several pairs of glasses, and made the whole experience far more pleasant than if it had have been just the 2 of us. Thank you.”
But this isn’t all, as after such prior excellent service, Mrs Arnold came back into store adding:

“My son came for his six monthly eye test on Saturday. He is 10 and has Asperger syndrome, so these events are tricky for him. The lady doing his sight test, Lisa Luxton, was incredibly kind and patient with him which quickly put him at ease. Following his sight test we were handed over to Michelle Smith, who helped him choose his glasses. Again she was incredibly kind, patient and friendly towards Ben (and even adjusted my daughter’s glasses which she noticed needed doing!) She gave great advice and made us feel very welcome and able to come in at any time for adjustments etc. Once again I have been very impressed with the service my family have received at Specsavers Chelmsford, and I often tell family and friends this. Well done all of you, your excellent service has been noticed and is much appreciated.”

With such glowing reviews and incredible customer loyalty, it is clear the Chelmsford store makes sure they deliver the very best service every time

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