The exclusive range of specs from Parisian fashion label Balmain has been named as the essential frames for stylish specs wearers in 2018 by Specsavers in Chelmsford.

The designer frames feature upswept cat’s eye designs, as well as classic round and exaggerated angular shapes. The strong yet feminine statement frames evoke elegance with a Balmain aesthetic, with meticulously designed Balmain brand details found on every frame; including a gold ‘B’ on the temple tips and detailed embellishments on the frames inspired by the Balmain belt chain collection.

Offering the wearer a variety of styles with sophisticated elegance to finish off their look, with a colour palette of glossy black, gold, pink and tortoiseshell.

Balmain spokesperson Maï Dao-Vu says: ‘The collection of frames feature styles and colours that make women feel beautiful, confident and empowered. Balmain is not only a look, but also a feeling.’

Exclusive styles

Maï adds: ‘The Balmain team take great pride in the launch of the new range, seeing it as an incredible opportunity to inspire fashion-conscious glasses wearers to update their wardrobes with a statement piece of eyewear.

‘The Specsavers collaboration has provided the opportunity to bring everyone into the House of Balmain. We wanted to add a signature Balmain twist to classic and modern styles so that the frames could hint at exclusivity while maintaining the simplicity of an everyday look.

‘The Balmain eyewear range offers Parisian chic no matter where in the world they are worn.’

Opulence and glamour

Balmain embodies the opulence and glamour that Specsavers wants to make accessible to everyone.

Director at Specsavers in Chelmsford, Pat Cooper said: ‘It’s fantastic to have these stunning frames exclusively at Specsavers and with their elegant and beautiful style, they’re a great way to get a new look for 2018.’

Balmain frames are available at Specsavers stores across the UK with two complete pairs for just £169.

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