A special team member at Specsavers Chatham received fantastic feedback from a customer

A credit to the store

Sue Hunter has been a valued team member for 15 years and her customer service skills are exceptional.

'I would like to thank Sue for helping me find the fit and design that best suited me. She took her time and was very gentle in making sure not to knock my hearing aid out while trying glasses on. She went above and beyond to make sure the glasses didn’t make my hearing aid whistle. I’ve always had difficulties with my hearing aid and it’s always been embarrassing to admit I have one, but not with Sue… I’ve never felt more comfortable

High praise

'I would also like to thank the entire staff, who always come together and help customers when it’s needed. It was lovely to see them working as a team! The store was also very clean and tidy, despite it being very busy. Thank you, everyone, for your time and patience'

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