Specsavers Chatham has collected over 3,500 pairs of used and unwanted glasses from the community for the charity Vision Aid Overseas.

Expressing gratitude to the community

The team encouraged residents to donate to the scheme in aid of the charity, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. Store directors of Specsavers Chatham, David Moorman, Oluwatoyin Fayefunmi and Punit Patel have expressed their gratitude to the community.

David says: ‘We’re overwhelmed by the response from the community. It’s wonderful that the sale of the reusable materials from these glasses will now go towards helping support those less fortunate.’

Carrying on the collection

Oluwatoyin says: ‘Vision Aid Overseas works extremely hard to ensure people in Africa have access to the same high quality of eyecare services as we do, so it’s vital that they receive as much support as possible.’

Punit adds: ‘We’re going to carry on the collection as we know many more people may still have an old or unwanted pair of specs at home, so we’d like to encourage everyone to come and donate in store.’

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