Tracy Rayment, Chatham store manager, started working in the branch almost 17 years ago in September 2000. She began as a part time store administrator and quickly progressed up the career ladder to become a full time assistant manager in 2005. She was then promoted again to retail floor manager in 2015.

A pleasant environment

Tracy really enjoys her current role as she likes to interact with her large team and to liaise with Chatham’s many customers. The store has increased in size over the years and Tracy has been there for every step of the journey, ensuring not only that it runs efficiently but also that staff are happy and always have a smile on their faces.

A word from Tracy

Tracy says: ‘I love working at the store – I haven’t looked back since I joined in 2000. We have such a great team that it is a pleasure to come to work.

‘In Chatham, there is a real sense of community and people will stop me and team in the street to have a chat. It’s the interaction with people that I love the most and the feeling that our team is a family. Many things have changed over the years, but the kind, community-led spirit of the Chatham branch remains intact.’

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