Blind and visually-impaired veterans will benefit thanks to the team in Chatham who took part in a fundraising event to support Blind Veterans UK.

Going back in time

Customers visiting the store were transported back in time to the 1940s, with staff decorating the store and ditching their usual uniforms in favour of wartime outfits. 

The team also prepared a raffle with prizes donated from the Dockside local businesses and Russian bags for customers. The raffle lasted a few days and finished on Remembrance Day. Overall, the store managed to raise over £250.

Special guest 

To make the day even more special, they also invited David Scott, a 93-year-old blind veteran from the Navy, who gave a quick speech and joined the celebrations for a few hours. He was accompanied by a young soldier from the local military base in Chatham who helped to assist him.

A word from the store director

Store director, Olu Fayefunmi, said: ‘The team is particularly passionate about raising funds for Blind Veterans UK. This year, we were particularly happy to have in store a blind veteran, to help shed light on the amazing work this charity does to support those who have either lost or had their sight damaged while representing our country in the armed forces.

‘Remembrance Day was a brilliant chance to dig deep for this fantastic organisation and support them in their efforts to help their members discover a life beyond sight loss. With the help of our community, we’re delighted to be able to provide them with this small token of our gratitude.’

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