Chatham store director Olu Fayefumni, contact lens fitter Charlotte Carroll and optometrist Krishan Patel were honoured to meet lots of enthusiast students at Mid Kent College in Gillingham this month.

Olu told the students about how he decided to pursue a career at Specsavers. Charlotte did a presentation on the history of Specsavers and on the benefits that working there can offer, while Krishan talked about how he decided to go into optometry and what exams he needed to completed.

They all gave their enthusiastic feedback about working for the company and lots of interesting and useful tips and insights for the students.

A great place to work!

Nationally, Specsavers invests heavily in its apprenticeships and many school and college leavers have excelled over the years.

From carving out a career in retail or embracing an interest in the optical healthcare side, there are many roles available in a Specsavers store.

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