Specsavers in Chatham has gone above and beyond by helping a local resident with an extremely rare, life-changing condition make his dreams come true.

In 2016, Chris O’Grady was diagnosed with Doyne Honeycomb Choroiditis. This hereditary condition is extremely rare and the first known documented case was Chris’ great-great-great-great grandfather. Doyne Honeycomb Choroiditis has, unfortunately, no known treatment or cure, and Chris will eventually lose his sight in the future.

Shock diagnosis

Chris said: ‘I was in absolute shock when the diagnosis arrived and I just couldn’t believe it was happening to me. My story goes a long way in highlighting the importance of regular eye tests.’

Chris, a 35-year-old personal trainer, was determined not to let his diagnosis prevent him from achieving his dreams and he compiled a bucket list of challenges to fulfil before he loses his sight completely. 

Help from Specsavers

After finding out about his condition, Olu Fayefumni, store director at Specsavers in Chatham, decided to intervene.

Chris’ first challenge was to climb the Kilimanjaro in Africa to raise money for the Herbalife Family Foundation. Olu, with the help of the team at Specsavers, kindly sponsored him by organising a fundraising event in store and providing him with free protective glasses and sunglasses to help him during his climb.

Chris continued: ‘I couldn’t thank Olu and the team at Specsavers enough – their kindness really gave me strength and further pushed me to pursue my dreams.’

Olu said: ‘Chris is a lovely guy whose life was disrupted by a very complicated condition so we felt it was our duty to help him in any way we could. We are really proud of what he has achieved so far and are looking forward to seeing what other adventures he will embark on in the future.’

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