Last week, Specsavers in Chatham hosted a fundraising event in store, in aid of Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.

UK charity

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People is a UK charity that trains dogs to alert deaf people - both adults and children - to a variety of sounds at home and in public. Each hearing dog also helps to bring a visibility to their recipient’s deafness thanks to the burgundy jackets they wear when out in public.

To make the day more entertaining for their customers, the staff prepared a lot of goodies, including little paw-printed buns and chocolate fudge cakes and ‘doggie bags’ filled with sweets for children. All the giveaway bags were given away to the enthusiast customers and the store was decorated with balloons and signs to brighten up the day.

Overall, the store managed to raise a good amount for the great cause.

Hearing awareness day

Chloe Gilliam, hearing director at Specsavers in Chatham and Sittingbourne, says: ‘Our hearing awareness day was a success! We couldn’t be happier about the outcome.

‘Hearing Dogs for Deaf People does a lot of fantastic work in the community. We are delighted that we managed to raise some funds for the great cause and that our customers had the opportunity to find out about the amazing work they do in local communities like ours’.

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