Specsavers Chard is encouraging contact lens wearers who have fallen behind on their check-ups to book an appointment. The store is asking contact lens users to reintroduce themselves to their optician to get the help they may need with their lenses.

A word from the store

Stephen Watson said: ‘Contact lens wearers can feel apprehensive if they haven’t had their eyes checked for a long time. We want to give people who haven’t visited their optician in a while the chance for a fresh start and to make sure they have the most up to date advice and prescription.’

Practical advice

Stephen Watson said: ‘Contact lenses are safe when used properly but touching or rubbing your eye with unclean hands can spread infections so it is important to wash and dry your hands thoroughly every time you touch your eye.' 

Specsavers offers a free contact lens trial so the customer can try before they buy.

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