To Specsavers in Carmarthen,

Your compassion, professionalism and sensitivity I want you to know I value. My day is very changeable in holistic needs, and ability in daily living activities.

My medical history is complex, with ongoing unexpected findings and obstacles requiring brave determination, accompanied with psychological resilience. My needs often invisible to the naked eye, resulting in people not always picking up my vulnerabilities.

I refuse to be a victim and live my life with as much zest, joy and love as possible, but always gratitude. I am actively a voice for service users and service providers equally, which is important to me as a long term patient and ex-welfare worker and neuroscience specialist nurse.

We need to overcome our culture of fear and blame and raise morale through proactive work to reach best outcomes for all, within spheres of reality. My journey to maintain independence, dignity and respect is the toughest part, not rocket science, but basic human compassion to facilitate my ability to use my strengths and abilities, and reach my optimum quality of life.

All staff at Specsavers have met my needs fully with patience, kindness and professionalism.

With kindness and gratitude,

Louise Bretland-Treharne

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