Specsavers Hearing Centre in Carlisle is doing its bit for charity by appealing for old hearing aids from customers to donate to people in the developing world.

Carlisle Store Has Been Disnepensing Hearing Aids for Eight Years
The store, which has been dispensing hearing aids to the city for more than eight years, has teamed up with Sound Seekers, a charity dedicated to helping deaf and hearing impaired in the poorest communities across Africa.

The Carlisle Hearing Centre will donate the recycled hearing aids to the charity for use in their projects across Cameroon, The Gambia, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Sierra Leone, Tanzania and Zambia.

Just One in 40 People in Africa Have a Hearing Aid
Sound Seekers is currently helping to build a secondary school for deaf children in Kenya which has a deaf population of 625,000 people. Only one in 40 currently have a hearing aid.

Director of the Specsavers Hearing Centre in Carlisle, Stuart Ryan said: ‘By supporting Sound Seekers we can help to finish the deaf school and provide a solution to the issues these children face, plus an education which will help them live their lives to the full.

Very often an old hearing aid is something people keep stored away in a drawer but by donating it to Sound Seekers, it can make a real difference to someone’s life.

We are keen to raise further awareness of the scheme so we would urge anyone who can help to donate in store. In addition we are offering our Carlisle customers a 5 per cent discount off the price of a new pair of hearing aids from our Advance range, when they donate their old ones to Sound Seekers.’

A collection bin for donated hearing aids is now permanently located inside the Carlisle Specsavers store.

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