Cardiff City Football Club Foundation hosted a charitable health event supported by Specsavers Cardiff team members.

Hundreds of children and families received free eye tests, hi-vis vests and learned more about eye care.

Helping everyone reach their full potential

The Cardiff City Football Club Foundation creates opportunities for people to lead healthier and more active lives as part of its aim to help families in deprived communities achieve their full potential.

The Specsavers team members from Queen Street and Leckwith handed out vouchers for 400 free sight tests, distributed 240 hi-vis vests and gave people the opportunity to experience the four major eye conditions - Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinopathy, Cataracts and age-related Macular Degeneration - by trying on simulator spectacles at the event, which took place at the Cardiff City Stadium.

The importance of eye health

‘Like the Cardiff City Football Club Foundation, we are very much a community-focused business keen to ensure everyone has access to good quality eye care,’ says Frank Maloney, director at Specsavers Cardiff. ‘We were delighted to participate in this event, which was organised by the Cardiff City Football Club Foundation.

‘Regular eye tests, at least every two years, not only detect underlying eye conditions that may be symptom-free but can also help pick up general health conditions, such as brain tumours.

‘It was fantastic to be able to meet so many families and chat about their own eye health. We hope they will take up their free eye tests and feel motivated to take good care of their eyes - whatever their age - and that the vests will ensure children remain seen on the roads in bad weather conditions.’

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