It’s World Glaucoma Week so Canvey Island Specsavers store wanted to make sure you are fully informed about the eye disease.

What is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is the name for a group of eye diseases that affect the optic nerve. There are 2 types: Chronic Glaucoma and Acute Glaucoma.

How common is Glaucoma?

In England and Wales it’s been estimated that more than 600,000 people have Glaucoma, while 64 million people are thought to have it worldwide.

What are the risk factors for contracting Glaucoma?

Age is the main cause of Glaucoma. Glaucoma affects up to 2 in every 100 people over the age of 40. A family history of the disease can also be a risk factor.

What causes Glaucoma? Pressure! Our eyeballs are constantly producing fluids, and the excess fluids are then drained through tubes. But if the fluid cannot be drained properly anymore, this then causes a build-up of pressure in the eye and any damage from the added pressure can start to cause Glaucoma.

How can I prevent Glaucoma? Have regular eye tests! If Glaucoma is detected early enough further damage to vision can be minimised or prevented.

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