A lucky man was greeted with a celebratory welcome when he became the 100,000th person to visit Cantebury opticians.


Dr Dzelal Serdarevic, was awarded the accolade when he visited the store for an eye examination. To mark his 100,000th customer status, he was presented with champagne, chocolates and a free pair of glasses, worth £125.


Dr Serdarevic said: ‘I was very surprised by it all as I thought I was just coming in for an eye examination! However I’m really pleased and extremely grateful for all the presents I have received and am looking forward to wearing my new pair of specs.’

Richard Leach, Specsavers Cantebury store director, said: ‘We were proud to welcome Dr Serdarevic to our store and celebrate his status as our 100,000th customer.

‘It is a tremendous achievement for our team that we have now looked after the eyecare of more than 100,000 Canterbury residents since we opened in 1995. We are now setting our sights on the next 100,000 and can’t wait to meet customer number 200,000!’’

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