More than three quarters of Scots surveyed by Specsavers Hearing Centres admit they struggle to hear in social situations.

A recent poll* revealed that 76 per cent of people have difficulty hearing in busy environments such as restaurants.

And 74 per cent even admitted they have pretended to hear what someone was saying simply to avoid embarrassment.

Yet a significant number of people still admit they would avoid getting a hearing aid even if they knew they needed one. Fears about 'expense' were cited by 40 per cent while one in four perceived them as 'old fashioned'.

Busting the myth
But Jonathan Bell, Specsavers Hearing Centres Director for Edinburgh, is keen to bust these myths.

He says: ‘It's disappointing to think that so many people would go without help due to misconceptions about today's hearing aids – there have been huge advances in technology and performance in recent years and there are lots of discreet and cost effective options available.

‘Busy social situations can be extremely frustrating and embarrassing for people who struggle with hearing loss - meaning festive gatherings and social functions that most of us look forward to can be daunting for some.

‘Rather than battling in all kinds of social situations with this common condition, people can enjoy a much better quality of life with these modern and inexpensive hearing solutions.’

Hearing loss knowledge
A large number of Scots who participated in the survey, conducted recently at the 50 Plus Show at Glasgow's SECC, were not clued-up when it came to the facts about hearing loss.

Almost two thirds (64 per cent) thought hearing loss came into effect between the ages of 51 and 70s.

In fact, it can begin in your 20s – but only seven per cent of respondents were aware of this. And only around a tenth of people surveyed (11 per cent) were aware that hearing loss affects around 10 million people across the UK.

Most people incorrectly guessed it as less than half of the true figure.

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