With the rugby world cup drawing to a close and the football season in full swing, Specsavers in Camborne is reminding customers of the benefits of contact lenses for physical sports.


When it comes to sport, contact lenses have many advantages. Not just from a practical point of view but for visual reasons too. Contact lenses provide all-round-vision and offer greater stability – they won’t steam up and become sweaty like glasses. Many sports also require protective headgear or goggles, which contact lenses will not interfere with.

The team of experts at Specsavers Camborne provide advice to all on glasses and contact lenses whether it be for sport or day to day wear. The specialists will talk you through every step so you’re happy and confident with your choice.

Giving contact lenses a try

Alan Honeybone, Specsavers Camborne store director said: ‘Contact lenses are ideal for active people as they’re comfortable and easy to use. We’re keen for everyone that enjoys sport not to be put off by poor vision, but instead come in and have a chat about contact lenses.’


Once customers have decided on which lens is right for them, the store will give them one pair of monthly contact lenses or five pairs of daily disposable contact lenses to try, free.

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