Specsavers Camberley team cycled 200 miles

The Specsavers sponsored team “Somme’s nous perdus” have made the 200 mile ride between our two twin towns of Camberley & Sucy En Brie.

The three intrepid riders from Camberley began their tour with a fabulous send-off outside The Camberley Theatre - where two of the riders work. Mayor Cllr Bob Paton came along to see the team off in style and had coffee with friends, family and sponsors while the team had a few photos on stage.

The team made a brief stop at their sponsors as they made their way out of Camberley. Specsavers was their first stop, where the staff came out to wish them well and grabbed the chance of a photo with the lads. Glo Salon and Sakura Spa where next on the route out and plenty of good luck messages came their way.

After the glitz and glamour the real work began!

Day One -First Leg

The team planned day one to be the hardest day with a 70.1mile ride to New Haven, which included some tough inclines of the Sussex Hills. The first member of team to have an incident was Lee, who got a puncture before he left the UK! Once his bike was road worthy they hit the road and made New Haven in plenty of time before their 11 o’clock ferry. A few hours of much needed sleep gave them the energy for day two and they were going to need it!

Day Two-Second Leg

Day two another tough start as the ferry dropped them off in Dieppe at 4am and breakfast was not an option, so they hit they road in the dark rode until a breakfast venue was found. Incident two was Fraser’s turn he made the mistake all great cyclist’s do, he stopped for breakfast and forget to unclip his feet! Thank goodness his landing was of the soft green kind!! Another 70 miles was covered and an overnight stay in Beauvais was on the cards.

Day Three -Third & Final Leg

The third leg was another 61miles to the final destination of our Twin Town of Sucy-En-Brie. This proved to be another gruelling ride, as they had to navigate their way through the Paris traffic and also encountered a small collision with a car!

It was time for the third member of the team to equal the incident score to 1 all! Joe made very close contact with a car and the roads of France! He was not injured apart from his pride and the car driver gave them some history of the place they collided with as well as a small trip to the cash point to pay for a new rear light for his car!

On arrival in Sucy LMF’s Fundraising Manager Cheryl and her partner who had taken the easier option of the Eurotunnel met the team!

The team rode in to be greeted by the French flag finish line and many Union Jacks were waved to make them feel at home.

The best news of all is that the team managed to raise over £1,500 for Surrey Young Carers. They made a great team. The team was incredibly grateful for the sponsorship Specsavers was able to offer and to all their supporters.

Specsavers Camberley team cycled 200 miles and cross the finish lineSpecsavers Camberley team cycled 200 miles and cross the finish line

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