R2-D2 and BB-8 made a stop in Camberley earlier this week. Like everyone else they know just how important regular eye examinations are. After safely landing Tantive IV on Princess Way they were greeted to the store by our welcoming team and immediately given a balloon to keep. 

Thankfully they were able to make it inside before the word of their arrival in Camberley was spread.

Star Wars guests

After booking in at reception they were escorted upstairs to the Test Room Suite and greeted by one of our Optical Assistants who carried out the pre-test. BB-8 was up first and a couple of tests were carried out including an Tonometer test which BB-8 said "tickled" as the gentle puff of air was blown on to the surface of the eye to measure the internal pressure to seek out any potential risk of glaucoma.

BB-8 then had a photo taken of the back of his eyes using digital retina photography, something that is quite unheard of in Star Wars territory!

Space dust

Next up they were shown in to the eye exam room and were introduced to the Optometrist and asked to sit in the chair whilst the overall health of their eyes were checked. R2-D2 stood by patiently while BB-8 had a complete eye exam carried out.

The retinoscope was used to gain an accurate measurement of his vision and was checked to ensure there were no fragments of space dust which could damage his sight.

Thankfully he was given the all clear!

Health check up

After this he was asked to read a test chart through different strength lenses to enable our Optometrist to gauge which lenses give the best possible vision. BB-8 satvery still whilst a Volk lens was used to examine the optic nerve and blood vessels to make sure everything was healthy.

Thankfully everything was spot on and both R2-D2 and BB-8 were able to leave the store without the need for glasses on this occasion and were quickly collected by Tantive IV to take them home to their Star Wars friends back on Ahch-To.

We're looking forward to welcoming them back to Specsavers Camberley again next year, although we have it on good authority that they may pop back to visit the Camberley Car Show!

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