With road safety in mind, Specsavers Camberley has been getting ready.

Helping children be safe and seen

With road traffic injuries being a leading cause of death and injury to young people in the UK, the Camberley store has joined forces with Lyndhurst School to work together along with the children to highlight the very real dangers of a very familiar place – the road – and to take steps, both small and large, in educating children about road safety and to make sure that they get home safely each day.

Working with Lyndurst School

Specsavers have provided 150 high-visibility jackets for school children to wear. As Lyndhurst is a family school, the donation is more than enough for every child, and will make a very welcome addition to the school’s efforts on road safety.

At Lyndhurst School, road safety is of paramount importance. With the addition of Specsavers’ high-visibility jackets to the school’s road safety measures, the children will undoubtedly be safer than ever before.

A word from the store 

Darren Fagg from Specsavers Camberley says: 'With dark mornings and evenings drawing in we are delighted to be able to help make school journeys safer for our local community and to help generate road safety awareness for the children of Lyndhurst School.'

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